We are so proud of our staff that we even rent them out ...

Is your business from time to time struggling in order to find enough nurses? Does setting up work plans give you a headache? Do you spend hours in the phone trying to find substitutes and temporary workers? Do you pay nursea lot of overtime because this is the only solution? Then Costa Blanca Nursing might help you! As a total health-care provider, we also offer to nursing homes and other businesses in our area short-term temporary workers; nurses, auxiliary nurses and care assistants with long experience.

We can cover up any holes in your work-plan whether it is some few hours or regular shifts over a given period. As we have nurses on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we can also be on call for your premises if needed. We are then always available on phone and of course on site at short notice if necessary.

Most of our nurses speak English, Spanish and Scandinavian languages quite fluently. Our staff has extensive experience in various fields and thanks to this we try to find the perfect substitute for your business
As our customer, we will always take your serious and if you are not 100% satisfied, we replace the temporary without discussion.

By hiring temporary workers from Costa Blanca Nursing you do not have to spend hours controlling timesheets, making calculations for salaries, paying socials costs etc. We deal with all those things and include everything in one single invoice. You choose the method of payment and whether you want monthly billing or more often. And the most important of all, we offer very competitive prices...





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