Many people find it difficult to learn Spanish and in such an international environment like Costa Blanca is easy to be tempted to only speak your own language. Or to learn the most important and useful Spanish words, just to avoid problems while shopping or being in a restaurant or bar.

In the meeting with Spanish health-care, a common language is 100 % required. Here we often need a "hospital-language' and foreign words that are even difficult in English. If you use the public health-service, it is required in most places that you bring an interpreter if you do not speak Spanish yourself. This is also to prevent that important messages from your doctor are misunderstood, which can also have serious consequences

Costa Blanca Nursing has interpreters speaking English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and German. The interpreter will meet you on the settled time and at the agreed location, usually a few minutes before your appointment so that the client can convey things you would like to ask doctor. For sure our interpreters have professionals secrecy for all they become aware of during the interpretation.

As we often have many appointments, an interpreter should always be booked in advance.





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