Cost-Control is an own division under Costa Blanca Nursing SL which assist the insurance branch.
As consultants, we might aid the insurance companies and their handling agents or alarm-centrals when illness and injuries occur among their clients in our area.

The wanderlust among Europeans has increased like never before and the combination with cheap flights has led to a dramatically increase in international tourist traffic in Europe. At any given time, millions of Europeans are away from their country and abroad for shorter or longer periods. It is not only among young people the traveling is increasing. In Western Europe one of three persons over 62 years will visit the Mediterranean area during the year and long-term holidays for seniors in their eighties or nineties have become more and more popular. A consequence of this is an increasing number injuries- and illness-cases occurring abroad leading to more admissions in hospitals. Insurance companies have registered an explosive growth in their expenses for travel sickness and in the last few years, these have been increasing by over 150 percent.

Costa Blanca Nursing's Cost -Control assists the alarm-central or the handling agent and make direct contact with the patient as quickly as possible after admission, by visiting in hospital. A team from us consisting of a doctor and a nurse who can communicate with the patients in their own language as well as with caregivers in hospitals, will immediately go to the hospital as soon we have received the task. We will also be in need of a power of attorney from insurance-company in order to have all the medical information available for the team.

By using our Cost-Control can either treatment in Spain on the appropriate hospital be accelerated, alternative treatments considered or that decision on repatriation might be taken at an earlier stage.

The team will constantly be in direct contact with the alarm-central both telephonically and / or electronically and, if desired, via video call directly between the patient, team and handling-agent.

After the team's personal visit to the policyholder / patient, a detailed written report will be prepared and submitted electronically without delay. The report will provide a detailed description of the clinical status and other things that are of relevance for the insurance.

The team also obtains details about the travel and logistics so cases of illness not covered by insurance, will be identified. The report concludes with an evaluation of the efforts implemented as well as the suggestions for further progress and treatment.

Using Cost-Control might save the insurance-companies significant amounts. And at the same time all done on the policyholder's premises and his or her wellbeing.

  • prevent unnecessary hospital admissions
  • avoid unnecessary examinations without relevance to the trauma
  • expedite the necessary treatment
  • seek alternative, better and cheaper solutions
  • expedite repatriation if required

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