If you have a safety-alarm from Costa Blanca Nursing, the help and we are never far away if anything unexpected should happen. You than have a unique safety when you are at home, 24 hours a day.

safety-phone-smThe instalment is easy and quickly done in your home, but you need to have a landline from your phone-supplier. You will receive an alarm-button and you can choose if you want it as a wristlet or a neck-chain. When you press the alarm-button, you instantly establish contact with the person on guard and he or she will always speak your language. We might see who you are and can talk directly with you through your loud speaking security-phone and may then find out which help you need; either from us, ambulance etc.

The carephone is battery-operated which does not require mains power. To have a security-alarm you need a contract with Costa Blanca Nursing. All the equipment might be bought or rented. If you decide to rent you only pay a deposit which is paid back to you on termination of the contract. To stay connected 24 hours a day you pay a monthly rent and a small installation fee.






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